Murder in Mayfair: The Margarita Murders

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Hush’s Murder in Mayfair is back, this time for a special evening celebrating all things Mexicana. Join us for a stylish Mexican fiesta with a “you’ve guac to be kidding me!” plot twist worthy of any Latino telenovela.

On Saturday 12th May, Seymour Guns welcomes you to the most prestigious event of the year, as Hollywood’s hottest film director, Daryl Pancake is set to announce the stellar cast of his new movie: The Margarita Murders.

After two years in pre-production, years tonight is the tonight every Juanabe star has been waiting for. Old rivalries will flair up, as every actress worth her salt (and lime) gets ready to fight for coveted starring role.

So, when Mexico’s hottest starlet suddenly dies, the cast and crew are left questioning: who would want te-quil-a?!

Hush amigos will be welcomed with a Margarita in our award winning cocktail lounge, Aviator. After, they’ll head to our Sir Roger Moore Private Room for a 4 course feast of Mexican classic dishes, supper club style. Dine around the immersive entertainment…but remember to keep your eyes and ears open, because at the end of the night each table will be asked to “spill the Pinto beans,” and declare who they think is the murderer.

Give your friends something to taco about and join us for Murder in Mayfair: The Margarita Murders!

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