A Message From Jamie

I opened Hush twenty years ago, and we have stayed open all the way through the Beast from the East, the global recession, the war in Iraq, 9/11…all the way through.

But on Friday we succumbed, temporarily, given the advice of the government, and for the safety of our staff and our guests, Hush will be taking a little break.

It is heart breaking to witness what our friends and loved ones in the industry I have come to call ‘home’ have gone through over the last few weeks. It is heart breaking to see jobs lost and business stretched to breaking point. But it has also been deeply heart warming to see the strength and resilience of our community. The ‘fighting spirit’ that I know will keep us going.

Hush will be back, and when it is I will be there personally to fling open the doors to our courtyard and welcome you all in. But in the meantime, I wish you all safe and well,