In this article, we’ll go through how to update the different elements of the homepage;
These elements are the pop up box, the central box, the promotional box and the background slider.

To edit any of the elements mentioned above, please navigate to Pages>Homepage in a different window, then follow the instructions below.

Pop Up Box:

  1. To edit the image in the pop up box, please scroll down to Homepage Pop Up Image. If you’d like to replace an existing image, hover over the image and click the ‘x’ icon to remove, then click Add Image and upload or pick an image and click Select.
  2. Under Find out more link, insert the URL to which the Pop up links.

Central Box:

  1. The field to edit the text of the Central box is located immediately below the page title. The maximum length of this text is 282 characters.

Promotional Box:

  1. Scroll to Homepage Settings, where you’ll see the following fields: Promotional Box Title, Promotional Box Content and Promotional Box Link.
    1. Promotional Box Title: Please enter a title with a maximum of 24 characters including spaces.
    2. Promotional Box Content: Please enter the content text with a maximum of 75 characters including spaces.
    3. Promotional Box Content: Please enter the URL to which the Promotional Box links when clicked.

Background Slider:

  1. To edit the background slider, please see the Wiki article titled “Updating The Background Slider“.