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Introducing: Hush Collection Cocktails

Have the cocktail bar come to you! We've combined our Hush house favourite drinks with Nio Cocktail's expertise to bring perfectly premixed cocktails straight to your door.

For the whisky lovers we've got our classic Old Fashioned, the cornerstone of mixology: crafted with Bulliet Bourbon and aromatic bitters.

Prefer a gin? Then we recommend the Mayfair Negroni, a bittersweet balance of Tanqueray London Dry Gin, Vermouth and bitters. One of the all-time classic apertitivos.

We haven't forgotten those of a sweeter palette: say hello to the Elderflower Gimlet. Short, refreshing and floral, this delicate blend of Ketel One Vodka and elderflower liqueur encompasses the taste of summer in a glass.

Simply tear and pour over ice - or jazz up with a fruity garnish!

Make your evening that bit more 'Hush' by pairing your cocktail craving with a selection of delicious nibbles.

Cut through the bitter Negroni with the citrus in our Dressed Dorset Crab and Lobster Salad. Pair the fresh Elderflower Gimlet with our Pea and Mint Arancini, or satisfy your palette with an Old Fashioned and our Aspen fries (black truffle and parmesan? How can we say no!).

All Hush Collection cocktails are £10 each, but until the end of August we're giving YOU, our dear friends, 10% OFF. Just enter the code 'FRIENDSOFHUSH' at checkout.

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